Chambers House-Building Pics

This page details in the history of the project before I started posting daily progress to the web.

Because of the number of pictures on this page, I was too lazy to show a "back to today's page" link with each picture (a surprising amount of work!), so use your browser's "Back" button to return to this page when you're done viewing a picture. Also, some of the pictures contained here are somewhat larger than the pics on the daily pages, so please adjust your image-downloading patience accordingly.

June 15Just before they started digging.
June 15Cellar hole is almost complete.
July 18The driveway has been graded.
June 27Foundation footings have been poured.
June 30Footings have been filled.
July 7Erecting the foundation forms.
July 7Pouring the foundation.
July 8The foundation has been waterproofed.
July 12Backfilling around the foundation.
July 13Drilling the well.
July 13Highly sophisticated well flow measurement.
July 17Highly sophisticated frac results measurement.
July 18We got the building permit... a week late.
July 181st delivery of wood (in the garage!).
July 19Framing begins.
July 20Great progress in just a day.
July 20The underside of the floor framing.
July 211st floor deck complete (and it rained).
July 21The front of the house.
July 241st floor front walls are up.
July 28Garage framing begins.
July 281st floor interior walls are added.
August 3More rain, the house is a lake.
August 5Adding the 2nd floor deck.
August 18Garage ceiling framed.
August 22The back of the house.
August 22The front of the house.
August 24Lally columns replace temporary supports.
August 25Starting to build the 2nd floor walls.
August 282nd floor exterior walls complete.
August 312nd floor interior walls complete.
September 5Garage gables framed.
September 6Garage roof framed.
September 8Garage roof plywooded.
September 111st floor roof (what there is of it!) framed.
September 27Framing the 2nd floor roof.
October 32nd floor roof framing & plywood almost done.
October 3The back side of the house.
October 10Starting to frame the front porch.