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In The Snow

December 7, 2003

This past weekend brought us a Nor'easter, and we received about two feet of snow.
The landscape looks entirely different in the snow, so I took some pics.

Click a thumbnail to see a larger "summer" image,
then click the pic again to see the "winter" version!

The "Barn Cut" (thru old barn's debris pile)

The "Walkout Cut" (nearest to the basement's walkout)

The entrance to the "Big Cut"

The exit of the "Big Cut" (looking back into the cut)

Side view of the 1st truss of the Deck Truss bridge

End view of the truss (looking toward the house, which is above the top of the pic)

Other side of the truss (looking downstream)

The "WidowMaker" (a cut tree that got stuck in another tree... it'll fall someday without warning!)