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Trackbuilding Jig

I built a simple jig to aid in the construction of track panels. This shows the first section of 7-1/2" gauge track that I've ever built!
The ties are plastic lumber 2x2's cut down from a 2x4 I bought at the local lumberyard. These ties were relatively expensive - about $1.50 each - but I could accept the cost because wanted to experiment with plastic lumber. I've found a plastic wood supplier supplier that will bring the per-tie cost down to about 30 cents - comparable to pressure-treated wood!
The ties are actually 1.75" on a side, and I spaced the ties 4.25" apart to yield a simple 6-inches- on-center pattern. I've heard that some people space their ties more closely, but I have a couple thousand feet of track to lay and don't want to go bankrupt in the process!
The rail is "standard rail" bought from Cannonball Ltd. I used #10 x 1" hex-head screws to attach the rail to the ties and added a small washer to give the screws a greater contact area on the rail.
I also cut a pair of 1/8" deep x 3/4" wide notches in each tie to provide a sort of "tie plate", which helps align the ties and allows the screws to rest flat on the top of the rail's foot.

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