Creating your own customized Google Maps

Google Maps is very cool - lots of info and easy to manipulate. What's even cooler is that you can add your own custom info to a Google map like I did on this page.
This page tells you how to do it.
If you find anything here to be confusing, incomplete, or wrong, please don't hesitate to email me:
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You must be proficient (though not expert) in:

And, if you want to make more powerful, flexible maps, you'll need to know


At a minimum, you'll need:

And to complete toyur toolkit, you'll probably want:

And, if you're chasing historical railroads in the Northeast, you should check out the Maptech Historical maps page - tons of great info from the past hundred years.

Enough talk, let's do it!

The Google Maps examples are pretty good, so take a look at them.
However, I did find the examples take a number of leaps of faith - they sometimes forget that the reader is new to the technology. I'll add notes here soon...