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This page started as an experiment: I wanted to learn the Google Maps API, and thought that mapping an abandoned RR line would be a good application. Naturally I'd map something on the DL&W; I decided to base my map on the very excellent Sussex Branch Driving Tour on dlw-sussexbranch.com, which has lots of great location pics and notes. Again, this is an experiment - there's much refinement that could be done that I'll probably never get to. In the end, it strikes me that an interactive, annotated routeline would be excellent way to collect a very thorough set of info on a RR.
-Dave Chambers, July 2007

I've had a few questions as to how I created this. You can visit my how-to page or email me at DLChambers@aol.com

Follow the blue line (by dragging the map) to see the entire Sussex Branch and all the sites (and sights) along the line!

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