Friday, October 13th, 2000

The Utilities people were back today, installing one more pole. This pole will provide tension for the new run of wires to our house, which are perpendicular to the existing line.

They began installing trim on the roof fascias. All trim is custom cut on site, ripped down from the supply of clear pine 1x10s.

Upon my visit to the house last evening, the front porch's roofline didn't seem right. I checked the plans, and sure enough, they were building it wrong. I called the contractor last night & he met me at the house at 8am, and he had the carpenters fix it. See for yourself how it was different (the front edge of the original roof, at left, is much higher. Notice how the edges of the new roof, at right, line up at the intersection).

Here's view out the upstairs bath window, directly above the front porch.

And finally, a top view of the front porch roof.