This page chronicles the building of Jenny & Dave Chambers' new house in Elkins, NH

Miscellaneous stuff:

Where is Elkins, NH, anyhow?
Plans of the house in PDF Format or as a plain HTML page
Pictures from before construction began
A compendium of early construction pictures from before I started the daily postings.
Info about the original house that stood on this property.

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Daily pictures, sorted by date:

July, 2001
17 (Tuesday) Porch ceilings & decks done (and other stuff)
June, 2001
5 (Tuesday) Counters and painting complete
1 (Friday) Instant lawn!
May, 2001
24 (Thursday) Landscaping continues
22 (Tuesday) Landscaping begins
17 (Thursday) Spraying the shingles
3 (Thursday) More kitchen progress, piano arrived
April, 2001
30 (Monday) Kitchen cabinet progress
27 (Friday) Kitchen counter installed
26 (Thursday) First kitchen counter arrived
25 (Wednesday) Guest bedroom carpeted
23 (Monday) New furniture delivered
20 (Friday) Moved in, work continues
19 (Thursday) Moving day finally arrives
18 (Wednesday) Many things in preparation for our moving in tomorrow
17 (Tuesday) Cabinets and tile
16 (Monday) Tile and closets
12 (Thursday) Carpet and tile!
11 (Wednesday) Kitchen appliances arrived
10 (Tuesday) Crown moulding, cabinets, toilets
9 (Monday) Arches stained, other miscellaneous stuff
6 (Friday) More progress with the arches and cabinet
5 (Thursday) LR posts installed, cabinet bases arrived
4 (Wednesday) Trim work continues
3 (Tuesday) Hardwood floor finishing
2 (Monday) Floor sanding, gas pipes, porch lights
March, 2001
30 (Friday) More staining, more trim
28 (Wednesday) A slow day due to a snowstorm
27 (Tuesday) LR/DR trim stained, and cabinets!!!
26 (Monday) Trim, and a heating leak!
23 (Friday) Trim, paint, and electrical
21 (Wednesday) Trim, radiators, and a biscuit tutorial!
20 (Tuesday) More trim
19 (Monday) A slow day, miscellaneous items
16 (Friday) Hardwood floors in, trim and plumbing
14 (Wednesday) Entry floor done, many light fixtures installed
12 (Monday) Flooring, electrical
9 (Friday) Flooring, heating, and electrical progress
8 (Thursday) Flooring, flooring, flooring!
7 (Wednesday) More flooring (including tile!), more trim, boiler running
6 (Tuesday) Big snowstorm, no one could get out of their own driveway; let alone into ours!
2 (Friday) Basement stairs plastered, door installation begins
1 (Thursday) Lights delivered, more heating progress
February, 2001
28 (Wednesday) Hardwood flooring begins, outside done
27 (Tuesday) A visit to the cabinet shop, more plumbing, more shingling
26 (Monday) Back porch shingling complete!
23 (Friday) A slow day: miscellaneous pics
22 (Thursday) Doors delivered, more progress on the heating system
21 (Wednesday) One garage door, more heating progress
20 (Tuesday) Stair rails done, workshop, heating begins
15 (Thursday) Installation of stair railings
14 (Wednesday) Basement stairs installed
13 (Tuesday) Basement stairs framed, flooring delivered
12 (Monday) 1st coat of "color" paint
9 (Friday) A visit to the Granite dealer
8 (Thursday) Snow, shingling, trim, garage attic insulation
6 (Tuesday) The painters have arrived, 3 feet of snow
January, 2001
31 (Wednesday) Last of the plastering, a big snowstorm
30 (Tuesday) More plastering, more shingling, and some freezing rain
26 (Friday) Plastering still continues...
25 (Thursday) Plastering continues
24 (Wednesday) More sheetrock, more plastering
23 (Tuesday) Plastering has begun
22 (Monday) A visit to the stair shop; preparation for plastering
19 (Friday) Stairs installed
18 (Thursday) They poured the basement floor!
17 (Wednesday) More drywall, more shingles, basement ready for concrete floor
16 (Tuesday) Installing radiant heat in the basement
15 (Monday) More drywall, more shingles
12 (Friday) Stairs, sheetrock, basement floor prep
10 (Wednesday) More framing adjustments, drywall delivered.
9 (Tuesday) Framing rework in preparation for drywall
4 (Thursday) Shingling continues
1 (Monday) More acoustic insulation, and HEAT!!!!!
December, 2000
27 (Wednesday) The fireplace is done!
26 (Tuesday) The fireplace mantle and hearth were installed!!!!!!!
25 (Monday) An eclipse on a cold Christmas day!
22 (Friday) More insulation, less scaffolding.
21 (Thursday) The insulation guys finally arrived!
19 (Tuesday) A slow day, still waiting for the insulation guys to arrive...
18 (Monday) Preparing for the insulation guys to arrive.
15 (Friday) More snow pics, the generator, network wires.
14 (Thursday) Pictures of the house in the snow, more plumbing pics.
13 (Wednesday) Catching up on what's been happening: Siding, plumbing, electrical, fireplace.
12 (Tuesday) The digital camera is fixed!!! New pics tomorrow for sure!!!
10 (Sunday) Still making progress...
November, 2000
30 (Thursday) Various pics from November, scanned from film photos. Boy, I miss the digital camera!
13 (Monday) The plumbers arrived.
10 (Friday) The electricians installed the main breaker panel.
8 (Wednesday) More windows installed.
7 (Tuesday) Well pump installed, more windows installed.
6 (Monday) More windows installed.
3 (Friday) Underground utility conduits installed, some windows installed.
2 (Thursday) They delivered the windows!
1 (Wednesday) The digital camera died. Pictures will be sporadic until it's fixed.
October, 2000
30 (Monday) The snow melted.
29 (Sunday) The house in the snow!
27 (Friday) Back porch done! Chimney done! Roof done!
26 (Thursday) Back porch roof roofing, still more fireplace progress.
25 (Wednesday) Back porch roof framed, more fireplace progress.
24 (Tuesday) Back porch ceiling, firebox built, pics from roof.
23 (Monday) Chimney started, front roof complete, windows above garage doors.
20 (Friday) Back porch deck, front porch roofed, chimney scaffolding.
19 (Thursday) Finished roof trim, finished front porch roof, mason's tools.
18 (Wednesday) More LR wall framing, more painting, and more FIRE!
17 (Tuesday) Roof shinges, front porch framed, Dave on "his" rock.
16 (Monday) Living room wall, laundry room window, porch roof plywood, roof shingles delivered.
13 (Friday) Another power pole, roof trim, and a rebuilt porch roof.
12 (Thursday) Power poles, paint racks, front & back porch.