Monday, October 16th, 2000

The weather was crummy today: The thermometer hung at 32.9 degrees ALL DAY, and it rained steadily. A really bad day to be out pounding nails. But they were indeed out there!

They did a number of minor adjustments that they'd been putting off, including moving the laundry room window. It had been installed centered on the room, whereas we had wanted it centered between the (future) cabinets on the right and the wall on the left. A seemingly minor detail, but when all is complete, it will look more balanced. You can tell the old wall stud locations by the lighter areas of the plywood. You can see here that the ceiling is open due to the front porch being incomplete, and as a result, the floor has 1/2" of water on it :(

They also began framing the half wall between the entry and the living room. There will be an identical wall between the living and dining rooms. Sorry for the pic being blurry on the right side.

Despite the rain, they were able to begin installing plywood on the front porch roof. Notice how they dismantled part of the garage eave in order to make the two rooves mesh. They seem to do this a lot: build something then later remove part of it when a subsequent thing needs to be worked in. Not how I'd do it, but I suppose when you have carpenters who don't know the full picture, it's easier to manage.

They continue to paint trim, and have taken to storing it in the kitchen. The picture's pretty washed out due to the camera flash. Notice the water on the floor - that's from the laundry room. The trim is up on blocks, so at least it's keeping dry.

When we arrived to take pictures, the roof shingles were being delivered. The guy uses the truck's built-in crane to unload them.

Here's another veiw of the crane. A BAD day to be sitting up there - this guy is soaked to the skin.