Wednesday, October 18th, 2000

It rained all day, so they burned more scrap wood.

They completed framing the wall between the entry and living room (the pic is a bit blurry). The posts are temporary until the wood cap on top of the short wall is installed, then the final posts will be installed. Not sure what they're building on the sawhorses... maybe the housing for the electric meter?

They have also built much of the wall between the living and dining rooms. This will be identical to the Entry/LR wall.

Here's how the Entry/LR wall looks thru the front door. The center of the 3 holes in the wall is where the fireplace will be built (soon?). The fall colors are fading, but a number of trees still have their leaves.

The garage continues to be used for painting and drying trim. Judging by the small stack of unpainted wood on the floor, they're almost done.

They have taken to storing the painted trim in the garage attic, where there's plenty of space that stays dry. This is one of two drying racks up there.

Here's a close-up detail of the roof fascia. They have an interesting technique of laying a course of cedar shingles at the edge of the roof below the 1st course of asphalt shingles. These cedar shingles support the asphalt's overhang, inhibiting drooping and cracking of the asphalt shingles that become brittle when cold. The trim is in 2 pieces, a main 1x6 and a detail 1x2. All trim remains to have a finish coat of paint, probably next spring when the warmer weather is more conducive to painting.