Thursday, October 19th, 2000

Not a big day for pictures: They finished the roof trim, which is time-intensive but not very photographic. We did have a big day of preparation for upcoming things, though: we talked to the mason (who will next week begin building the fireplace), the plumber (who will start in 2 weeks), and the cabinetmaker (who will start when the house is closed in).

Here's the back of the house, all trimmed out. The trim on the far edge of the garage roof will be done once the back porch roof is completed... after the back porch is built!

They installed all the roof shingles on the front porch (the darker, rougher area). I'm interested to see where they go from there... up the back side of the garage roof?

The mason dropped off some tools; he said he'll move the rest of his stuff from another job to our house tomorrow, then begin building on Monday.