Thursday, October 26th, 2000

They've completed the trim on the back porch. The porch will be screened from the 2nd post on.

Here's how the back porch looks with all framing complete.

Here's the view thru the living room, dining room, and out the back porch.

They have shingled about half of the back porch roof. Once they finish this, the roof is complete!

The chimney now extends thru the 2nd floor roof. It will be about 6 feet higher than this.

Here's the mason's set-up on the 2nd floor roof. With the basement walkout below, this is about 30 feet off the ground - makes me uneasy to be near the edge.

Here's the view down the chimney. The pipe on the left is from the fireplace, on the right is from the boiler. The little, angled plywood roof is called a "cricket"; it prevents ice & snow buildup against the chimney. The metal strips between the chimney & cricket are lead!

Here's a view of the soffit construction. The white strip is a prefab aluminum channel with vents; it allows airflow thru the roof to the peak, keeping the roof cold and preventing icing. It will be painted to match the trim.

I stood on the back porch roof to get a picture of the space above the garage. I'll frame in an 8 foot ceiling and walls wheer the roof is about 4 feet off the floor. This will be my office and random storage.