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Opened the 2009 railroading season by laying some rail

April 26, 2009

Last fall I received an extraordinarily generous gift - 1000 feet of rail!
Due to delays in production (Cannonball seems to have been a victim of the credit crunch), I didn't actually receive the rail until mid-November, too late in the season for laying track.
After a really productive 2008 season, I was eager to keep up the momentum.
A warm April has melted the snow and I got a jump on things by laying some rail.

I built and installed 10 track panels - 100 feet of track!
I now have a grand total of about 250 of track laid - 15% complete!
Here's a slideshow from the end of the low trestle (last year's end-of-track), 100 feet up the cut:
Click to enlarge
The new track still needs ballast.
After I complete the track to the current end of the tunnel, my next project will to extend the track in the other direction - 20 feet from the current downhill end of the track - and build a ballast bunker.
Of course, the moment I had the track laid, I went for a ride on car #101!
Click on the image below to view a movie of me riding all 250 feet of track (5.2MB WMV)

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