Wednesday, October 25th, 2000

They competed framing the back porch roof. I think they're waiting for plywood to be delivered to complete the structure. There's still work to be done integrating the porch and garage rooflines.

More progress on the chimney. The angled sections will be covered with brick "rooves".

They completed the inside of the chimney. It's now awaiting the stonemason to do the finish work (hearth, stone facing, mantle). The little white things are metal ties anchored in the chimney; these will be anchored in the facing to hold the two together.

Here's the view down into the chimney. The rectangular "pipe" is the boiler vent angling in to merge with the fireplace flue (not visible).

Here's the view down into the chimney from the other side. You can really see how the boiler vent angles thru the brick. You can also see the very end of the 2x10 that's used as a temporary support for the vent.

Here's a wide shot of the back of the house. I couldn't take this picture until the leaves had fallen!