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Construction Progress

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2011No work on the SRR; I spent this summer installing an outdoor wood boiler

2010AugustCompleted the tunnel!

OctoberExtended the Big Cut 50 feet.
JulyMore track, more ballast.
JuneBuilt the chute for the ballast bunker
MayBuilt a ballast bunker
Extended the track 50' to the ballast bunker.
2009AprilOpened the season by laying some rail!

SeptemberStarted building the tunnel
AugustFinished the Low Trestle
Started the Big Trestle
Started laying rail!
JulyFinished - yes finished - the 1st half of the Cut
JuneFinishing the grade in the 1st half of the Cut
2008MayBack to grading the big cut - I'm determined to finish it this year!

OctoberDid a bunch of surveying and a small amount of grading. Preparing for next spring...
JuneHyperextended my left knee, lost a whole summer's worth of train building :(
2007FebruaryThe Big Cut filled with ice

DecemberBegan setting the final grade in the big cut
2006OctoberStarted building retaining walls in the big cut

2005MayGraded two narrow sections of the right-of-way

OctoberBuilt a retaining wall around a big beech tree
2004JuneFinished the Deck Truss bridge

November3rd round of grading
OctoberMore grading, this time with a mini-excavator
Started building a deck truss bridge
SeptemberBegan grading the right-of-way with a backhoe
AugustCleared trees from the right-of-way
JuneCompleted a survey of the trackline
2003MayBuilt my first piece of rolling stock, a simple 5' flatcar (pics someday...)

JuneReceived initial 250' of rail!
I built a trackbuilding jig
2001MayMoved into the house

JuneBegan house construction
2000AprilBought the property

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